Mikvah in the Blood of the Lamb – The Fountain of Zechariah 13:1

Mikvah of Eternal Salvation

Mikvah in the Waters of Baptism, Dying to the Old Life, Rising to the New

Mikvah of Baptism

Mikvah Into the Spirit – Luke 3:16

Mikvah of the Spirit

Daily Mikvah for Set-Apartness and Separation unto YHWH

Mikvah of Set-Apartness and Separation

Restoration to the Covenant of YHWH and Mikvah in the Torah – Exodus 19

Mikvah of the Covenant

Immersion Into His Passion – The Heart of Elohim

Mikvah into the Heart of Elohim

Immersion Into Preparation to Receive Messiah and His Coming Kingdom – Understanding Timing

Mikvah of Preparation

Immersion Into Understanding The Enemy’s Tactics – Exposing Lies, Revealing Truth

Mikvah of Present Reality

Immersion Into End-Time Prophecy: Warnings, Exhortations, and Encouragement for Victory

Mikvah of the Great Adventure

Immersion into the Eternal Rest of Elohim – Psalm 132:12

Mikvah of Our Eternal Inheritance