Greetings Truth-seekers:

There is a severe warning in II Thessalonians 2:8-12, that in these days those who do not love truth will be sent a strong delusion that they will believe a lie and be damned. I don’t want that to be you. So, here, I present you the pure truth of the whole Word, not as interpreted by me or by some other human, but straight from the Spirit of the Almighty Elohim (God), whose Word it is. In following His whole Word purely and completely, you will be prepared to stand strong in the days to come, as we await the soon-coming of the Messiah of Israel, and His Kingdom.

Be sure to look up all Scriptures given, and read in context. Always ask the Spirit of Truth to teach you–the Spirit of Elohim. He will give you Yahuweh’s opinion on His Word. Man mixes truth with his own errors in reasoning, so tragically within the religious systems of the church, the Messianic movement, and Judaism too, there are many divisions. The Spirit teaches everyone the same thing, so there is unity among those who are Spirit-taught.

I have been ministering for the Master for 61 years now, since the public confession of my new birth at age six. From age 4, Abba Yahuweh (my heavenly Father) set me apart unto Himself and I began to walk with Him. I began telling my friends about salvation. The Spirit does 40 things in us when we place our faith in the shed blood and resurrection of Messiah Yahushua, to change us into a completely new person-restoring us to His favor–into a being with different desires and goals, and a different eternal direction. His death also restores us to the eternal Covenant with Yahuweh.

Begin with the first Mikvah of eternal salvation, and read about this true new birth. Then proceed to each Mikvah and learn how to know the Elohim (God) of Israel. Note: He says to praise His Name with honor and respect and fear, and so I use the Hebrew names and titles of the Elohim of Israel, out of love and respect for my Abba (Father) and Messiah, my Savior. Yahuweh (means: “I AM the eternal, ever-living One who breathes) and Yahushua Yahuweh, the Son, whose name means “Yahuweh is salvation”. I try to use the Hebrew names of the people of the Scriptures, too, since a name is not translatable, and a Hebrew name identifies a person as to who they are.

Proceed on through the articles of each mikvah to find out how to be set-apart, how to be a true disciple, how to be a true servant of the Elohim of heaven and earth in humility and righteous fear, and how to prepare for the return of Messiah. Learn the timing of His coming, and what to look for as you eagerly await your Savior-Redeemer.

By the age nine I was doing “missionary” work in a Mexican Baptist Church. From childhood Elohim taught me to know Him–His nature, ways, and thinking. His whole Word has been my passion since that early age. I want the pure, untainted truth, and so the only source of that is the Spirit of Yahuweh Himself. I want it straight from Him. I do not want man’s opinions. I only want His opinions! So, I have let Him teach me, and bring confirmation from others who are also Spirit-taught, at His discretion.

In November of 1966, by His orchestration, I was filled with the Spirit of Abba Yahuweh, and my whole life changed. I became bold in proclamation, and more set-apart than ever to be His servant. I began preaching His Word in many places, teaching, and ministering to others the glorious freedom and transformation that comes from knowing Him. Truly: “If anyone is in Messiah he is a new creation–old things are passed away, and, behold, all things become new”. (II Corinthians 5:17)

Yahuweh and Yahushua are NOT a religion—They are persons! Because of this, I want to know Them as they are, not as religion teaches. I want all to know the Word from Genesis to Revelation on all given subjects, so I have written quite a few studies as well as articles.

The greatest of all miracles is the miracle of salvation by faith! Then as we become set-apart unto Him, He brings us into His eternal Covenant, and we have the privilege of contacting His eternal realm, and be taught by Him.

I began teaching the Word before I was twelve. Even back then I went to Mexico and the Navajo Indian reservation to minister. Before I was 20, during my college years, I began preaching on the streets of Los Angeles’ skid row to drunken men, to pimps, prostitutes, homosexuals, the homeless, and gangs. I also ministered in rescue missions, jails, prisons, half-way houses, youth detention homes, as well as in nursing homes, ministering to individuals in hospitals, and leading a whole “church on the street” with choir included.

I taught “Old Testament Survey” in two Bible Colleges, one in America, and one in Africa. In America the student body was mainly made up of ex-Hell’s Angels, and ex-other gangs, ex-prostitutes, ex-murderers, ex-pimps, and regular folks who were ex-sinners like us all. All those born from above by the Spirit are called to follow the Acts 1:8 pattern, beginning around us and moving out, until we follow the Master’s leading into all the world.

I began studying and teaching on end times from 1963, but especially since 1986 when end times became more than theology, but came into the realm of present-day reality. It is the daily passion of my heart as I see events unfolding, leading to the return of Messiah Yahushua.

Since 1994, I’ve traveled in 36 nations so far, some many times, on 46 different airlines, on about 400 different flights. I’ve written about 500 articles, studies and updates since 2001. Without promoting myself, He has seen to it that my articles have gotten into five continents, and many lives have been set free from the works of the Devil.

Many times, He sends me on intercession assignments to proclaim His Word into this earth, to open entrances for His will to be done. I am aligned to the passion of His heart, to return a remnant of the whole House of Israel back to His land in these last days. The majority of prophecy in the Word is regarding this return (Ezekiel 37:15-28).

Since 1996, I’ve been in and out of Africa for seven years, gone into mainland China about forty times from Hong Kong to take Bibles to the persecuted assemblies there, helped Jews in remote areas of Russia come to Israel, taught English in Mongolia, and taught the Word in Europe and the UK, lived in the Middle East in Jordan for 8 years, lived in Panama for close to two years, ministered in Mexico and Colombia, and stayed in Israel over 35 times.

I’ve lived an amazing life of adventure in following my Elohim, one day, one step at a time, in obedience. I’ve learned to obey Him without question or compromise. I understand His rules of set-apartness and separation, for He says to His people: “Be set-apart as I am set-apart”.

I had my own non-profit organization and was an ordained minister until He took me into the Middle East. Then I dissolved it all to learn from Him outside of man’s religion. He showed me the deceptions within man’s systems. Today it seems there are so many opinions that people are confused. I expose the lies and deceptions of man’s religion.

About my name: In 2003, I was once again reading II Kings 22:1, and saw the name “Yedidah”. I use a Bible that gives correct Hebrew names. A baptism of love came all over me for that name. I asked Abba what was happening to me. He replied clearly: “That’s what I call you”. I ran quickly to the Strong’s Concordance to find out what the name meant. I was so shocked again…it is the same as King David’s nickname, both meaning “beloved”. Then He instructed me to use the name He gave me.

He speaks to us in forty different ways, each with precedence in the Bible. I have heard Him in thirty-nine of those ways. I have yet to hear from a donkey, as in the story of Baalim. He wants to speak to you, too. He tells us to seek Him with all our heart, and we will find Him. He can only deal with us by faith. He calls us to trust Him. But, in process of the building of a relationship with Him, there comes a time when He seeks to trust us, so that He can give us His will, and we will do it without compromise or questioning, or excuses.

So, I call you out of all of these dying man-made systems into the glorious liberty of knowing and obeying and serving a wonderful Master, in training for reigning with Him forever. Do honest research, not to find things to prove your personal viewpoint, but to learn His thinking.

We are in the final days before the coming of Messiah. We are also in the days of “the restoration of all things” – that includes His Names, His Titles, and His Torah (instructions and teachings of the Kingdom of heaven) so that we might be prepared for the Kingdom of Messiah. (Acts 3:19-21) Fear Him! Worship Him with the honor due to His Name! Praise and worship are the highest means of spiritual warfare against the powers of darkness.

During my life, Abba Yahuweh has taught me, guided me, and taken me through many trials and tests, discipline, and training, so that I might live a true life of faith. Thus, through many heartaches and tragedies, and near death experiences, I’ve learned to trust Him with all my heart.

I write about what I’ve learned from personal experience. Therefore, I can identify with your hurts and struggles. But, my articles are clear directives, and you can find comfort and encouragement and exhortation in them.

This site is NOT about controversy or about arguing religion. I do not waste my time arguing religion! I am a servant of Elohim–I do not strive. I only want people to know Elohim and to love and serve Them. (“Elohim” is plural)

I challenge everyone to study the whole Word, Genesis to Revelation, for themselves and humble themselves to let the Spirit, the Author of the Word, do the teaching. All who are Spirit-taught learn the same things. Thus we flow together in the nature of Elohim – in love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, gentleness, faith, self-control, and goodness. I teach how to be set-apart unto Him, for “without set-apartness no man will see Elohim”.

I teach how to enter His Covenant, so that we are good citizens of the Kingdom of heaven. He has given us clearly His eternal Torah (His teachings and instructions). The rules of His Kingdom are not hard, but joyful.

I teach how to know the Elohim of Israel. I also give warnings because we are in the days of deception and great apostasy.

And, so I know that I write to the few of Matthew 7:13-14. I write to those He wishes to dwell with – the humble, contrite, who tremble at His Word (Isaiah 66:1-2).

Daily He calls to us to enter His mikvah. The word “mikvah” is a pool of water fed by running water. The word “t’vilah” means to immerse in a mikvah. But, the word “mikvah” has become synonymous with “t’vilah” – as a place of immersion, and the act of immersion also. Each category is designed to take you through another mikvah.

Begin by reading the initial foundational article “Mikvah”, October 2011. The pictures were taken by my son during his first trip to Israel. The cave at the top of the main page of this site is Cave 4 at Qumran – where 5,000 or more fragments of the Scriptures were found, copied by the Essenes to preserve them. The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947. At Qumran the mikvah for set-apartness was a part of daily life.

After reading “Mikvah”, you might want to read “A Radical View of Set-Apartness”, which I wrote after my first visit to Qumran.

My son tells me that my articles “cross pollinate”. Yes, every article builds one on another, and returns again to other articles, so that a network of understanding can be built. Some articles can stand by themselves, but most are built on former ones. So, in reading, you will get many questions answered.

Shalom, with blessings, joy, and the love of Elohim,


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