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(January 19, 2018)
We have millions of victorious overcomers in heaven who are cheering us on as we run our race with faith and patience to obtain the prize of the high calling of Yahuwah in Messiah Yahushua
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(January 15, 2018)
As the Image and Likeness of Yahuwah in the earth, He has given us authority over all of the abilities of our enemies in the kingdom of darkness. We must rise up and fight the good fight of faith. The battle is Yahuwah's, and thus we are assured of victory!
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(January 12, 2018)
Learning the simple life of child-like trust and faith - holding Daddy's hand! Absolute dependency on His love for us is what makes us strong and fearless. Learn from Corrie and Betsy Ten Boom what it means to go through persecution and come out victorious, whether through death or by escaping death.
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(January 8, 2018)
A powerful dose of reality from our loving brothers and sisters in China that demands of us an immediate decision, a decision like the one demanded by Eliyahu on Mount Carmel
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(January 8, 2018)
A powerful dose of reality that separates out the true believers from the pretenders
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(January 5, 2018)
Teaching the foundation of our faith: The faithfulness of the Word of our Living Elohim!
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(December 31, 2017)
Yahuwah is warning us as He did in the days of old. Will His people receive His wisdom, or reject it?
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(December 27, 2017)
What is this heavy smokescreen attempting to hide?
We must have the Spirit's discernment more than ever now!
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(December 24, 2017)
Keep watch as end-time Scripture-Prophecy unfolds faster and faster!
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(December 21, 2017)
Celebrate with Derek and I in praise to Abba for what He has done these last six years through His website

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