Eternal Salvation

  • (Article #01)

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    (November 29, 2011)
    The plan of salvation, including a personal testimony
  • (Article #03)

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    (March 10, 2010)
    How His love saves, redeems, and delivers us from all the works of the enemy
  • (Article #04)

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    (December 18, 2011)
    Scriptures on our responsibility before Yahuweh
  • (Article #05)

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    (June 4, 2008)
    We have a choice as to the yoke we have around our neck--the yoke slavery to the kingdom of darkness, or Yahushua’s yoke that is light and easy and leads to life
  • (Article #06)

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    (February 8, 2010)
    If you don’t get this right, you have nothing right
  • (Article #07)

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    (May 16, 2011)
    Calling Yahuweh’s people to return to their first love--a personal testimony
  • (Article #07.1)

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    (May 16, 2011)
    ‘n Pleidooi aan die mense van Yahuwah om terug te keer na hulle eerste liefde – ‘n persoonlike getuienis
  • (Article #08)

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    (May 13, 2012)
    Revelation from the Master on my 61st anniversary of my new birth
  • (Article #09)

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    (November 12, 2013)
    What ends when Messiah returns? – Revelation 10:7
  • (Article #10)

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    (April 6, 2017)
    Solid evidence that Yahushua is the suffering servant of Isaiah 53--our Savior, Redeemer, and soon-coming King
  • (Article #11)

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    (April 23, 2017)
    The true new birth is the greatest miracle of all for it translates us out of slavery to Satan and his kingdom of darkness into the beautiful Kingdom of our Creators - Yahuwah and Yahushua
  • (Article #12)

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    (April 23, 2017)
    Die Ware Nuwe Geboorte is sekerlik die grootste wonderwerk wat daar is.  Die nuwe geboorte haal ons uit die slawe lewe aan Satan se koninkryk van die duisternis uit en plaas ons binne in die Koninkryk van ons dierbare Skeppers - Yahuwah en Yahushua.
  • (Article #13)

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    (September 1, 2017)
    Learn the truth about the real day of the birth of Israel's Messiah and the real day of the coming of the Magi to give Him gifts
  • (Article #14)

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    (October 2, 2017)
    How full of wonder and awe we should be to realize who we really are because They love us
  • (Article #15)

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    (November 11, 2017)
    The importance of the blood power, ours and His, cannot be under estimated!

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